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2006 Civic and Political Health of the Nation

January 16th, 2008
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2006 CPHS Data Sets

The 2006 National Civic and Political Health Survey (CPHS) is the most up-to-date and detailed look at how young Americans are participating in politics and communities and their attitudes towards government and current issues.

Download the 2006 CPHS survey in the following formats:

Read about The 2006 Civic and Political Health of the Nation report.

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4 Responses to “2006 Civic and Political Health of the Nation”

  1. Detox Says:

    That’s some interesting facts. It looks like the younger generations are getting more interested in politics.

  2. cv writers Says:

    Yeah…what have changed form the 2006 year…=/ Thnx!

  3. Seniors Residence Says:

    Great Post! Hope the younger generation getting into politics consider seniors.

  4. Belly Jackson Says:

    I think that the youth movement today is starting to find its feet once gain. A lot has changed in the last 4 years.