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July 2014 E-Update

July 24th, 2014
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New Interactive Map of Youth Voting, Demographic, and Socioeconomic Data by Congressional District

CIRCLE has launched a new online tool for exploring the role of young people in American politics: an interactive map of youth voting and demographics by congressional district.

The map features votes cast and population data on young people (ages 18-29) and older adults in each congressional district. The voting data includes statistics from the latest midterm (2010) and presidential (2012) elections. The map also displays district-level data on several economic, social, and demographic indicators, as well as a snapshot of which 2014 congressional races currently rank as competitive and select ballot measures in several states.

The interactive map also allows you to create comparisons between districts, create and export graphs and tables, and create unique links to specific indicators so you can share exactly what you’re looking at on social media.

Click HERE to explore the map and see what you unearth. You can also check out our state-by-state map of historical youth voter turnout and registration rates from 1980-2012.


Why Half of Youth Don’t Register
to Vote

Our most recent fact sheet explores voter registration among young people in midterm elections, particularly in the most recent 2010 midterm contest. In a series of related blog posts, we analyzed several aspects of youth registration, like how youth register to vote and why many young people registered but did not cast a ballot in 2010.

Our latest post looked at why less than half of young people (49%), aged 18-29, registered to vote in the most recent midterm election. In particular, we looked at the reasons for not registering given by youth and by older adults (30+).

Young people were more likely to say they did not register because they did not know where or how, or missed the deadline to do so. These findings underscore the value of policies, like same-day registration, which facilitate the process for voters of any age group, but have an especially beneficial effect on youth registration rates in the states where it is available.

Read the full analysis HERE.

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Successful Frontiers of Democracy Conference

On July 16-18, CIRCLE played a leading role in the 2014 Frontiers of Democracy conference, held here at Tufts University by our host institution, the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service.

CIRCLE’s Peter Levine and Nancy Thomas were among the conference organizers. This year’s event focused on the state of the civic field and featured a number of provocative short talks and interactive sessions with a diverse group of civic leaders and practitioners.

Read more and watch videos from the conference HERE.

Upcoming Deadline for College Voting Study

Colleges and universities who want to receive their 2012 voting rates must sign up for our National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE) by August 3.

NSLVE is a groundbreaking look at the political participation of young people on college campuses. Higher education institutions who sign up for the study will receive a detailed report about their student voting rates. Full reports include voting rates by gender, age, and ethnicity. (View a sample report.)

For more information about the study and how to participate, visit the NSLVE page on our website.

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