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The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement

New CIRCLE Researcher: Noorya Hayat

January 20th, 2016
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Noorya headshotNoorya Hayat has joined CIRCLE as a researcher. She is currently working on projects that help promote civic learning and engagement in the K-12 education system and beyond as well as researching the impact of national service on employment opportunities.

Noorya is passionately interested in narrowing gaps in civic education, awareness, and life-opportunities for under-resourced communities through providing evidence-backed research for decision-making and policies. She is interested in the intersection of education, both in formal and informal settings, and civic learning and awareness in youth, particularly from marginalized and diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Prior to CIRCLE, Noorya has worked as an international researcher and coordinator in public health and nutrition awareness in the developing world. She has experience teaching and mentoring students from diverse backgrounds and grade-levels and worked as an early childhood educator in Boston. She holds an Ed.M. in international education policy from Harvard Graduate School of Education with a focus on global education and citizenship for the 21st century, monitoring and evaluation for improving education systems, and applied data analysis.

Noorya’s skills, interests, and experience make her an invaluable addition to CIRCLE. She strengthens our team and is poised to make critical contributions to research on civic education and engagement.

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