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June 2018 E-Update

June 28th, 2018
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How Do Young People Vote in Midterm Elections?

The 2018 election season is well underway. Dozens of states have already held primaries for Congressional and gubernatorial races, with more contests underway in the coming weeks. We are especially focused on elections in which young people are poised to play a significant role and possibly swing results. Our Youth Electoral Significance Index (YESI) ranks those races.

One reason the youth vote can be especially impactful, particularly in a number of close elections for House seats, is young voters’ 10+ point preference for Democratic candidates over the past 14 years. Before 2004, young people were a competitive group when it came to House races, though only once (1994) did Republicans “win” the youth vote—and then only by one point.

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A Civic Imperative for Media Literacy

A new article co-authored by Abby Kiesa, CIRCLE’s Director of Impact; and D.C. Vito, Co-founder of The LAMP, highlights the connections between media literacy and civic education and engagement, and argues for a youth-centered, participatory approach to teaching this vital civic skill.

The piece is part of a series titled Infogagement: Citizenship and Democracy in the Age of Connection, published by PACE (Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement) in partnership with Public Agenda.

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New 22×20 Posts on Local Media and Media Literacy

22×20 is a network of media, cultural, and educational partners amplifying and diversifying teen voice, political expression, and media creation in the lead-up to the 2020 election and beyond. The network is co-led by CIRCLE and The LAMP.

In recent weeks, 22×20 published two insightful blog posts:

– One focuses on the relationship between local media outlets and diverse youth voices in the communities they cover.

– The other shares data suggesting that young people are actually better than other age groups at differentiating fact and opinion.


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